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General Help

Printing Help

To get the best possible results when printing MedActionPlan schedules and charts, be sure to set your page margins to ½" or less and turn off Headers and Footers. See below for instructions:

Administrators' Topics

What are the system requirements for MedActionPlan?

What are the recommended browsers for using MedActionPlan?

Some features of MedActionPlan may not function properly in all browsers. You are likely to get the best results from the following browsers:

For Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, or Windows XP:
For Mac OS X:

Can I bookmark (use favorites on) your site?

Yes, you can bookmark the site, but if you are having trouble you might need to refresh the bookmark. Delete the previous bookmark, and start over again with a more recent bookmark.

What if I forget my sign-in information?

Simply click on the link below the sign-in and your information will be sent to your registered email address.

What if I get an error message?

This can sometimes happen if you are using a previous bookmark or favorite. Come completely out of the program, close your browser and do not use your bookmark (favorite). Instead use the url and come in again. Delete your previous bookmark (favorite) and you can add this newer one.

How do I Archive a Patient?

On the Patient List, you have the option to check a box under the Inactive column next to the name of a patient you wish to archive. Archiving a patient does not remove the patient from the database; click Inactive Patients to see a list of all archived patients. By unchecking the box for the patient you can move that patient back to the group of Active patients. Nothing is ever deleted—it is just archived.

How do I add a medication that is not included in the MedActionPlan database?

If you need to create a regimen that includes a drug that isn't found in the Search or Default Regimens tools, you can add it with the Add a Medication tool.

  1. On step 2, Click the link labeled Click here to add medications not listed.
  2. Complete each field in the Add a Medication form, then click Add to Selected Medications.

How do I translate a regimen into Spanish?

Use the language drop down menu in the top right of the screen to switch between English and Spanish on each chart. If the regimen consists of drugs chosen from the built-in regimens and medications, they will be translated automatically, including the instructions. You will need to supply the translation for any customized instructions or drugs created with the Add a Medication form.

How do I delete a patient? How do I delete a regimen?

There is no need to delete your previously saved files. All patients and regimens will be archived. For a patient—simply click the “inactive” box on the same line as the patient name. If he returns, you can reactivate him and no data is lost. There is no way to delete regimens—all of the regimens can be viewed in step 4, and anything greater than six months old will be in the “display archived medications ” list.

What if I can’t find a previous regimen that I know I created and saved for a patient?

Any regimen that is more than 6 months old, is in “archived regimens.” To access these, simply click on the patient in step 1, and proceed to step 4 for MedActionPlan. At the drop-down of saved schedules, go to the bottom of the list and click on “Display Archived MedActionPlans”. Go back to the drop down and you will see all the regimens you have saved for this patient since the very first one. Click on the regimen you need based on the time and date stamp. To return to more recent regimens, click on “Display Current MedActionPlans”.

How do I send a medication schedule to the patient or a caregiver?

If your MedActionPlan program includes the Send to MyMedSchedule feature, you can send a medication schedule directly to a MyMedSchedule account, where the patient or a caregiver can view and print the schedule. The patient/caregiver will also be able to maintain an updated version of the schedule as the medication regimen changes. For detailed, printable instructions, please see:

How do I add or remove users?

Sign in as the Administrator from the home page of your MedActionPlan program—you will enter your Admin Name and Admin Password in the left column (do not sign in as a user). Make sure you are on the User List page.

To add a user:

To delete a user:

After you add everyone, you can go to the top of the page and click on “Admin Page.” On this page you can check your own info and the hospital info, and create/revise default regimens and default taper schedules.

How do I create a Default Regimen?

A default regimen may only be created or deleted when you are Logged In as an Administrator. You may create an unlimited number of Default Regimens.

To create a new Default Regimen, click the Create a Default Regimen button in the Default Regimens box on the Account Information page. You will be taken to the Select Medications page. Use the tools provided to select the medications for the new regimen (hint: you can start with a previously saved Default Regimen). Proceed to set dosage times and quantities, then review the MedActionPlan pages. When the regimen is complete, click the Save button on My Daily Schedule. The new regimen will be added to the Default Regimens available to all users of your account. You can set up Spanish versions of the default regimens by inserting the special instructions in Spanish when you create the default regimen.

Additional Support

If you have questions about how to use MedActionPlan and cannot find the answers in this document, please contact MedActionPlan by email, or call (800) 543-2230 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday.