Now available for integration at the Epic App Orchard

MedActionPlan PRO integrates with your EMR, introduces exciting new features, and supports multiple languages. Integration makes MedActionPlan available right within your workflow without a separate log in, and eliminates manual entry of patient or medication information. Integration with MedActionPlan is faster and easier than ever through the Epic App Orchard.

To learn more about integrating MAP PRO with your EMR, please contact us.

MedActionPlan™ for BMT/HEMA/ONC

Create, print, and document personalized treatment plans

MedActionPlan for BMT, Hematology, and Oncology is a web-based program that is intuitive and easy-to-use. Designed to help organize and educate patients to better understand their medication therapy, it provides patient-friendly resources that empower the patient to take a proactive role in their post-hospital care. MedActionPlan schedules can be customized to advance patient care and improve adherence to medication therapy.

Additional benefits of MedActionPlan:

  • Simplifies communication between providers and patients
  • Fosters behavior change to promote healthy lifestyles and adherence to treatment
  • Improves utilization of medication therapy
  • Expedites process as patients navigate through the healthcare system
  • Helps reduce hospital readmissions
  • Meets meaningful use objectives
  • Empowers the patient to keep their schedule current
  • Helps improve HCAHPS scores
  • Helps facilities meet accreditation requirements

MedActionPlan is HIPAA-compliant and meets current security guidelines.