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For over 25 years Tim Peters has created a wide variety of medical education programs and materials for doctors and their patients. These products are designed to benefit patients directly and to help improve their understanding of their medical conditions.

One way to improve patients' medical conditions is to help them organize their medicines. It may be extremely confusing to take more than one medicine or vitamin on schedule. This confusion can have serious medical consequences if doctors' directions regarding times, dosage, or special instructions are not properly followed. MyMedSchedule was designed to give patients an easy, flexible method for getting their medicines organized so they can obtain the greatest possible benefit from their medications.

After decades of working closely with both medical professionals and patients, Tim realized that the rapid changes in medicine and its delivery in recent years meant that patients had trouble keeping track of the medicines they were taking. "The messages to consumers are coming fast and furious. People are taking so many more medicines of all kinds – prescription, over-the-counter, and vitamins – that it's difficult for them to keep everything straight," Peters said. "When you add the fact that people often see many different specialists you realize that the lines of communication between a patient and multiple medical professionals need to be absolutely clear."

Tim knew from experience that when healthcare professionals don't know what patients are taking it can lead to adverse reactions. He also became aware of the problem of medication reconciliation and its importance to patient safety. Medication reconciliation involves creating a pre-admission list of a patient's medications. The list is used as a method to reconcile the patient's medications against what is prescribed on admission to a hospital, when the care level changes, or when discharged. Tim wanted to create an easy, user-friendly tool for both patients and professionals to create a personalized medication schedule. He envisioned a schedule that could be maintained and frequently updated by the patient at home. Since people are continually on the go, it could also be taken along on daily outings or longer trips. In the event of an emergency, the schedule could be used as a pre-admission list for medication reconciliation. The result of Tim's work is MyMedSchedule.com.

MyMedSchedule.com is a free website that helps patients or their caregivers build personalized medication schedules. By going to MyMedSchedule.com and filling in medications, it is simple to create a clear, personal chart to help patients remember when to take their medicines. The schedule can be printed in a letter- or wallet-sized format for the patient's convenience and is even available with large type if desired. In an emergency at home or away, a first responder would immediately have access to vital medication information necessary to render appropriate aid.

Take the right dose at the right time

"Research shows that if you make it convenient for patients to take their medications," Peters said, "then you are making large strides toward promoting adherence to medication therapy. MyMedSchedule.com helps patients take the right dose at the right time.”

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