Privacy Policy

MyMedSchedule® is made available by, LLC. Our company is committed to using technology to help people become active partners in their own healthcare. We are also committed to protecting individual privacy. The following topics explain how we protect your information.

Information About You

When you create a MyMedSchedule you provide information about yourself and the medicine that you take. Entry of this information enables you to save and print your medication regimens, receive refill reminders, and use other functions of the software. We treat all personal information about you as confidential and safeguard that information as described below.

How We Protect Your Information

Access to your MyMedSchedule account is controlled by your username and password, which is unique. Your connection with your MyMedSchedule account is secured using 128-bit data encryption. Data stored on our server is sent by encrypted Internet transmission. We apply administrative, technical and physical safeguards of the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information in accordance with federal standards for the security of electronic protected health information established pursuant to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

What We Do With Your Information

We follow federal and state law governing the use and disclosure of personal information, including the HIPAA rules governing use and disclosure of protected health information.

Our staff has access to your information only as needed to administer the web site and when needed to provide technical assistance to you in using MyMedSchedule. We educate all employees about the importance of confidentiality and customer privacy.

We will never intentionally disclose your identity, your email address, or any information about you to third parties, except with your permission or as required by law.

We may remove personal identifiers from your information and combine it with de-identified information from other users. This combined information may be shared with business partners or third parties for use for research purposes. Anonymous information like this can be crucial to improving healthcare practices and/or our services. Your personal identity will not be disclosed.

We reserve the right to send periodic updates to the email address of each registered user about new services and product updates. The user has the ability to opt out from receiving this information by following the instructions included on each email.

Our Sponsors

The development and maintenance of our web site and services are supported in part by sponsors. Sponsors of MyMedSchedule do not and will never be given access to names, addresses or any protected health information (PHI) collected on our secure servers by,LLC.